Today, Octobr 23, the day started with a bus trip to Skäralid, in Söderåsens National Park, which is a 100 meter deep crack valley with steep rock walls. At the bottom of the ravine, Skärån flows. From the Copper Hat viewpoint you have a fantastic view to the ravine stream and beech forest with all the beautiful autumn colors. In Skäralid there is also an end moraine and some snow drive niches to look at.
Back in Lund, we attended a seminar at The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University. Professor Lars Hansson presented the department’s work and presented how environmental awareness and sustainability have a positive effect on a country’s economy, from macroeconomics to the individual company. With statistics he showed which are the main sources of global warming and how different countries, especially China where he is a visiting professor, are trying to reduce CO2 emissions.
Doctoral student Steven Curtis presented his research on shared economics, electric scooters, Airbnb and the like, how this type of economy affects the environment.
Finally, we visited Kulturen, the world’s second oldest open-air museum, which contains the living environment from different social classes at the end of the 19th century. On the way home we took a round around central Lund and visited the cathedral, the university house and the academic association.

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