With a slight feeling of spring in the air our first trip this friday took us to the village of Malpartida de Cáceres. An old wool washing industry here has been converted into a fantastic art museum – The Vostell museum. With bits and pieces from modern society´s artefacts like cars, TV:s and motorcycles, Vostell has created an atmosphere that made us reflect upon our lifestyles in the western world. Sustainable art indeed! https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/vostell-malpartida-museum

The damm that used to keep the water for the wool washing industry.
A fountain of modernism in the garden of the Vostell museum.

Next stop on our tour was the capital city of Cáceres. The inner core of the city dates back to 25BC. The medieval walled city center is a Unesco World Heritage. You might have seen it before since the sceneries where uses in the Game of Thrones.

Capital letters for the capital city of the province.
Welcome to the historical quarters of Cáceres!
Touching the foot of a saint surely will bring her luck!

Life in a medieval city meant keeping the water resource safe. That is a task which also has a bearing on our modern life. How can we make sure that 7 billions of citizens on this earth can access safe drinking water?

The Moorish cistern of Cáceres built approx. 1000 years ago.

Underneath the old city are the remnants of its moorish past. Once built by recycled roman and visigoth building materials into arabstyle architecture, the king of Spain made sure the basin was allowed to remain intact after the reconquesta. On the way back to Mérida we saw an abundance of storks. The Extremadura region is a part of an EU-financed project to restore the habitats of the storks.

The Stork project has revitalised the habitats successfully!

When we came back to Mérida it was definitely time for lunch. Of course our hosts had prepared a fantastic paella.

The fantastic paella!

The late afternoon took us back to where we started. Not longer newcomers the feeling in the air was that of accomplishment. The tones of Halleluljah, spanish guitar and Chopin beautifully performed by students from Poland and Spain, gave the closing ceremony the right air of dignity. Certificates of attendance where handed out, the winners of an environmental kahoot where being “crowned”. The spanish team has been wonderful. Thank you! We are so much looking forward to next meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania. Let the environmental work continue. “Viva España! ahora Lituania está esperando”.

Cello duo playing Halleluljah.
Proudly presented with our certificates.

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