Kaunas Šančiai School – MC provides pre-school, pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education.

The mission of the school is to provide learners with the safe environment and engaging learning conditions for children aged 2 to 16 from and around the city of Kaunas. Its aim is to ensure opportunities for every student to seek personal progress and better learning results. It also aims children to gain life-long learning competences while paying attention to civil, social and cultural development of their personalities. Very big attention is given to recognition of gifted students as well as students with special educational need and development of their individual skills. The school uses a lot of innovative technologies: iMO learn cubes, robots Dash and Dot, interactive smart flat panels, smart whiteboards, LaQ constructor, interactive floor and other. These technologies have a big impact on students’ performance and creativity.

Children with special educational needs are integrated into the school-life. There is provided support by psychologist, speech therapist, teacher assistants, social and special educators.
After the lessons all students are consulted by the teachers in all subjects.

The school offers a wide range of after-school activities and clubs. All students are welcome to join them:
• Sports clubs (basketball, football…)
• Singing club;
• Dance studio;
• Chorus;
• Robotics;
• Junior naturalist;
• Junior museum guide;
• Art studio;
• Ceramics;
• Maths club.

Kaunas Šančiai School – MC has many traditions, both related with the Lithuanian culture and customs (e.g. the Advent, Christmas Fairs) and national and international events. A lot of projects related to traditional celebrations are implemented, too.

The most popular celebrations include:
• Celebration of the First Day at School;
• The International Teachers’ Day;
• St. Valentine’s Day;
• The Earth Day;
• The Europe Day;
• Sports and Health Day;
• The Last Bell in the Primary Class. Striving to achieve maximum possible results, we have been trying to implement practice and project based learning for many years. School students and teachers participate in various national and international projects.