4th october Lecture about the coastal waste

The 4th of october the NGO Chelonia talked about the bad situation of our seas because of the large amount of waste inside the oceans . Our students learnt not only about this sad issue but also the way to avoid this calamity. Even our students decided to prepare an activity tl collect waste in a natural water area near Mérida

10th-11th october Erasmusdays

Our school took part in the Erasmusdays 2019 . We prepared our EcoCorner and made several activities with our students .

Our students participated in an activity protagonised by the application Kahoot. The competition was very intense and finally the student Bruno Quintana was the winner.

This is our team of 2º of ESO in the Ecocorner after the competition and the winners of the match

17th October. Our first training lecture about Circular Economy

This morning two expert investigator from the Extremenian government has talked about the Circular Economy and the recycling activities . This lecture has been our first activity of the training days organised to form our ECOTEAM .

17th October The European flag waves in our Ecocorner

17th October Our first environmental activity with students from 1st of ESO

Today students from the Bilingual Section of the IES Sáenz de Buruaga have walked around the Proserpine dam and have collected garbage as an environmental activity. Also the students have put posters about the danger of throwing waste to natural places

11th of December . A lecture about the Fair Trade in our school

Our school developed a campaign about sustainable and responsible consumption before the Christmas Holidays . Several activities were organised as a Fair Trade Fair , an exposition or lectures about Fair Trade by Caritas, a Spanish charity organisation

27th of February. A lecture about the dangers of the waste in the wilderness

Our students of 1st of ESO were in a lecture given by an eco friendly group called ADENEX in collaboration with an enterprise of recycling and SEO Birdlife

4th of March . Several activities related with our project

This day our students of the Bilingual Section have participated in two important activities relates with the circular economy and the sustainable tourism .

First we have been in a factory of ham in the village of Montánchez. This is a typical product of our region and its production is an example of sustainable tradicional economy. The pigs for the ham come from an Extremanian natural landscape called “dehesa” which is a kind of meadow with trees . it is an evolution of the natural Mediterranean forests because of the use of human use of the land. Our students learnt the way of production of the ham and discovered that is an example of circular economical activity.

The director of the factory is explaining to our students the way of making hams

After the visit to the ham factory our students walked on a route around Montanchez . This route is an example of sustainable tourism and has been designed by our Erasmus team . It includes interesting experiences related with traditional jobs of Montanchez, the natural environment and the historical heritage .

5th of March. Environmental activity with the 1º of ESO

Students from our 1º of ESO cooperated with ADENEX , ECOEMBES and SEO Birdlife in an activity where they gatehring waste, put advertisements about the need of keeping clean the place and finally we hung nest for the birds of the trees .