During this term we have been working with a very interesting topic : the carbon footprint. Our students have calculated their ecological impact thanks to the CARBON FOOTPRINT CALCULATOR

Several groups calculated their carbon footprint using our computer resources , especially our computer classroom.

Several students prepared a bunch of videos in order to raise awareness our corbon footprint and educate about the ways to reduce our ecological impact

We made several presentations in Spanish and English in order to show our students the way to reduce our Carbon Footprint

Our students worked about their Carbon Footprint and they rose their awareness about the impact of their consumption habits and their made several compormises to improve their lifes

Finally our goal in not only to raise awareness about the environmental crisis but also compensate our CO2 emissions by means of the plantation of trees This activity was organised with the help of the Extremanian government ( Dirección General de Sostenibilidad) and the council of Merida .