Our Carbon Footprint

During the second term of the year 2020/21 we have been working in the IES Sáenz de Buruaga about the individual impact on the environment . We havve calculated our carbon footprint thanks to the CARBON FOOTPRINT CALCULATOR

After the calculation we worked in order to raise the awareness of our students about their carbon footprints and specially how to reduce them

Finally , our main goal was to compensate our Carbon Footprint planting more than 200 trees of native species as strawberry trees, holm oaks or pomegranate trees .

Lecture about the coastal waste

The 4th of october the NGO Chelonia talked about the bad situation of our seas because of the large amount of waste inside the oceans . Our students learnt not only about this sad issue but also the way to avoid this calamity. Even our students decided to prepare an activity tl collect waste in a natural water area near Mérida