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Lecture about the coastal waste

The 4th of october the NGO Chelonia talked about the bad situation of our seas because of the large amount of waste inside the oceans . Our students learnt not only about this sad issue but also the way to avoid this calamity. Even our students decided to prepare an activity tl collect waste in a natural water area near Mérida

28th August we discussed and divided tasks amongst ourselves in Lund.

This very enjoyable late summer day in life we had our first fall meeting between the members of the Lundensian branch of an Erasmus project. We needed to discuss various ideas for our project about Sustainable Tourism. The financing is provided and we have to get set and running. We want to have an excellent agenda to offer our guests from Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania. They will be arriving for a week´s exchange at the end of oktober. Time might seem on our side but as the darker half of the year starts to unfold it is a good idea to have a head´s start.